St Erme Curriculum Intent

At St Erme with Trispen we aspire to develop the ‘whole child’; emotionally, academically, physically, socially, morally, spiritually and culturally. We offer a safe, inclusive and nurturing environment where every individual is valued, their uniqueness celebrated and their potential recognised.  We aim to remove disadvantage so that every child can thrive. 

We want to help our children achieve the highest possible standard and provide a rich and broad, balanced curriculum that is knowledge-rich, challenging, engaging and fun! 

Our curriculum is carefully sequenced, and the content taught in a logical progression, in order to enable pupils to build the knowledge and skills required to meet the agreed end points. Objectives and concepts are repeated and developed in a variety of meaningful and exciting ways.  Linking our subjects to previous learning means that skills and knowledge will be embedded in our children’s long-term memory and facilitate deep learning so that they can make links and connections between learning. A broad and rich vocabulary is taught explicitly to enrich the cultural experience of our children.

The curriculum is designed to build curiosity and engage children with delight and enthusiasm to learn, enriched by outdoor learning and purposeful visits and activities to make meaningful and memorable memories. We seek to help our children develop lively, creative, enquiring minds and provide them with the skills and knowledge which will prepare them for successful, healthy lives in the ever-changing world in which they live.