Cultural Capital

Pupils cannot aspire to things they have never encountered and cannot learn vital life skills without experience.  The St Erme school family have chosen twelve opportunities that the children will experience during their time at our school.  We believe that in order for our children to fulfil their potential they must be given a broad range of exciting opportunities to enable them to flourish, equipping them with the knowledge and cultural capital they need for future success:

We pledge that during their time at St Erme with Trispen School, our children will complete the ‘St Erme Twelve’:

  • Go surfing and swim in the sea
  • Visit a theatre
  • Enjoy eating something you’ve grown
  • Make a campfire
  • Play an instrument
  • Perform to an audience  
  • Represent the school as part of a team
  • Support a national or global cause or charity
  • Stay a night away from home
  • Visit a city outside of Cornwall
  • Carry out a job or responsibility in school
  • To have read all our recommended books