PE at St Erme with Trispen Primary School


PE at St Erme with Trispen aims to develop confidence in physical abilities, skills acquisition and sporting knowledge, to allow all of our children to establish strong mental, emotional, social and physical wellbeing. Our PE curriculum underpins all of the ABC’s – agility, balance and coordination that is taught and instilled within the foundation stages. By teaching physical literacy, this teaches children about leading a healthier lifestyle and ultimately, this can transformation attitudes towards sport and exercise. Teachers encourage, reassure and support during every PE lesson to increase resilience within the children, dedication, determination and confidence to succeed.

Our intent is to teach all children from Reception to Year 6 the skills needed to progress within sport and physical activity. Our intention is for PE lessons to positively influence children’s primary years and allow them to move into secondary and further education with a healthy attitude towards exercise. We want PE lessons to embed all of the lifelong cooperative skills needed; working in a team, communication, leadership and fair play.


At St Erme with Trispen, we implement a thrilling and stimulating curriculum, integrating popular games along with unfamiliar sports. We teach skills, mini games and full matches that lead to the understanding of rules and regulations, team officials and sportsmanship. We recognise that all children have diverse abilities and ensure that all lessons are differentiated to promote an inclusive approach, which endeavours to encourage not only physical development but also well-being. We regularly give our children the opportunity to coach their peers and run events for younger children; this gives confidence, self-belief and determination. We offer many extra-curricular clubs, allowing children to try new sports and activities. St Erme School uses the diverse skills from ‘Plymouth Argyle’ to support learning and engage the children through specialised knowledge.


Our curriculum provides children with 2 hours of stimulating activity per week, which has an advantageous impact on their wellbeing. Children will learn about the impact and importance of healthy body, healthy mind. PE lessons will give children a platform and concrete understanding of how sport and exercise can, and should be sustained throughout their lives. Our impact is therefore to motivate children to employ these underpinning skills in an independent and effective way in order to live a happy and healthy life.