St Erme Curriculum Intent

Trispen with St Erme Primary Curriculum – Intent

At Trispen with St Erme Primary we work together to develop the happy, motivated and well-rounded individuals who have the confidence to flourish. The curriculum is the vehicle by which the academy achieves its core objective of educating children in the skills, knowledge and understanding that they need in order to lead fulfilling lives. Our curriculum is underpinned by our key drivers

Our drivers are;

Enrich- Our curriculum is design to enrich the children in the world around them. We strive to provide children with the opportunity to discover as much as they can about their world through a broad and balanced curriculum complemented by a range of linked trips, visitors and experiences.

Engage- Our curriculum design aims to engage all learners in order to inspire our children to achieve their potential. Through visits, visitors and hook days, we aim to initial enthral children in their topic. After initiating engagement, we look to maintain this through a progressive curriculum which allows all children to flourish through building on prior knowledge. Our curriculum design is based on the ideology that engaged children that are using their prior knowledge as the foundation for learning will lead to our children learning and remembering more. As well as engaging with the curriculum, we also aim to encourage children to engage with themselves. We intend for children to leave our school as happy and confident individuals who understand the world they live in and are inspired to dream big.

Excel- Our curriculum design aims to provide a platform where all children have access to quality first teaching. High quality teaching for all is essential in helping children to achieve their best. With metacognition at the forefront of our curriculum design, we give our children the foundation to excel through identifying the small steps they need to undertake in order to achieve the intended outcome. Our curriculum does not only aim to help pupils excel academically but also to excel on a personal level. Whether through our PSHE curriculum or the opportunity to learn about current worldwide topics of concern, we aim for children to leave the school having excelled as citizens of the world.

Our School ‘Drivers’:

We have developed three curriculum drivers that shape our curriculum, encompass the aims and values of our school, and respond to the particular needs of our community:

Our Core Curriculum drivers are:

  • Enrich
  • Engage
  • Excel

We want all of our children to experience accomplishment in a wide range of areas. Our curriculum therefore provides our children with the appropriate balance of academic and personal development. It gives the correct importance to the core and foundation subjects, while placing high value on physical and mental wellbeing. We carefully balance the requirement for our children to reach national expectations in the core subjects, while providing a range of exciting and enriching experiences that allow our children to excel.



As a school we place great emphasis on reading; the key building block for future learning. By placing reading at the heart of our curriculum, we ensure full access to our varied and exciting curriculum. Our work is underpinned by quality texts that create a love for learning, enable the children to develop as confident readers and ensure they can progress across all learning areas. We build reading into all areas of our curriculum, to our class novel, to our ‘reading for pleasure’ time.

We believe that instilling a lifelong love of reading is crucial for our children’s academic achievement, mental health and their future economic success.