Trauma Informed Schools (TIS)

Trauma Informed Schools

Well-being and Trauma Informed Schools Status


At St Erme with Trispen we are very proud of our Trauma Informed School (TIS)  approach, which is central to all we do. We currently have one member of staff who have worked hard to achieve practitioner status.

We invest in TIS training for our whole St Erme team. This enables every member of staff, whether they are teachers, lunchtime supervisors or administrative staff, to understand and compassionately support our whole school community.

Headstart Kernow research shows that ‘schools who adopt a multi-component approach are more effective in promoting social, emotional health and mental wellbeing.’  Our Trauma Informed work is led by Mrs Love, who has also a Forest School Leader and uses these skills to support children in her TIS work. 

At our school, we believe that every member of the school community has the right to feel listened to, to be valued and respected, and for all people to be treated fairly. We believe that self-esteem affects all thinking and behaviour and impacts on learning and performance, consequently we aim to provide positive experiences everyday so that our children are given the tools to be the happiest, and the best, that they can be.

A trauma informed approach means that when children experiences a bump in the road, they have been supported to build the resilience and emotional literacy necessary to help them through.

The core beliefs of St Erme with Trispen School are that:

  • The best interest of the child is always central
  • Emotionally available adults are key to supporting children’s relationships, understanding and trust.
  • The voice of every child is always heard and valued
  • Praise and a positive system of rewards will increase children’s self-esteem and confidence and help them to achieve greater success.
  • When children make mistakes the most powerful learning occurs.
  • Reinforcing and modelling good choices and behaviour help our children feel good about themselves.
  • Working in partnership with parents in key to achieving the best outcomes for our children.

What this will look like at St Erme with Trispen School:

  • Creating an environment of psychological and physical safety is fundamental
  • One size does not fit all – children’s individuality and developmental level is understood and considered.
  • All behaviour is viewed as communication
  • Our school ethos and approach has a common language, consistency and understanding
  • Supporting children to develop the capacity for self-regulation through recognised strategies such as Dr Dan Hughes’ PACE and through individual interventions
  • Policies reflect the learning from neuroscience and attachment theory
  • A highly structured and predictable environment
  • Adaptive to the needs and requirements of the child
  • A ‘we learn from our mistakes’ culture

There is a wealth of information available about Trauma Informed Schools and mental health, if you would like to know more, please feel free to contact us at school or have a look the websites below.


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